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The Battle is Not Yours

I've been meaning to post a more bloggy-style post talking about how the semester is going so far, but I honestly bored myself writing it, and this is much more interesting. This morning I came across the passage I read the morning of the day before my MCAT. I actually came across it by chance… Continue reading The Battle is Not Yours

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The Making of Me: A Memoir

Do you ever encounter a stretch of time during which God grants all the things you've wanted for a while, all in one week? It feels like the universe is smiling upon you, or in the words of the wonderful Augustus Waters, "a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend." I've been in one… Continue reading The Making of Me: A Memoir

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What are you waiting for?

Life is full of happenings: times during which we're swept off our feet by all the events continuously rolling by. But just as there are seasons of working, there are plenty of seasons of waiting. Currently applying to medical school, I can safely say the process is long and there are equal waves of doing… Continue reading What are you waiting for?

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A Still, Small Voice

Just this past week, I was invited to interview for an undergraduate teaching aide position, which I was pretty excited about. We can skip all the details and fast forward past some ill-timed decisions and say the interview didn't go as I would have liked. Don't get me wrong - my interviewer was delightful, but… Continue reading A Still, Small Voice

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I’m Alive!

Hello world! I know I've been gone for what seems like an eternity, but I'm back from my study-hiatus now! This is just a tiny post to reassure you that I'll (hopefully) be posting on a more regular basis from now on. I'm currently working on a multiple-part Kindness series, which is a topic that's… Continue reading I’m Alive!


Embracing Junior Year with Open Arms (and a Stylish Cardigan)

My thoughts and plans for this new school year.


What’s in a Name?

As part of learning to blog, I'll be explaining different aspects of my blog. With My First Blog Post, I defined the "Why" and "What" of this blog: why I chose to start a blog in the first place, and what I hope to gain from blogging. Today, I'll scrutinize the Title and Tagline of… Continue reading What’s in a Name?